Birkman Method Consultant Certification – Abu Dhabi

Register Before: Sunday, 10 December 2017

Birkman Method Consultant Certification




The purpose of this training is to provide the consulting professional with the expertise to accurately analyze and interpret results produced by The Birkman Method assessment. 
Completion of the Birkman Method Certification Training accredits the professional with access to the full range of reporting available from The Birkman Method assessment.


Program Outline:

  1. History of The Birkman Method® 1.1 The Colors of The Birkman Method® 2. Life Style Grid® Defining Grid Quadrants 2.1 Understanding Grid Symbols3. Areas of Interest 3.1 Concept and Definition 4. Components (Behavioral Styles and Expectations) 4.1 Usual Behavior 4.2 Needs 4.3 Stress Behavior 5. Individual Feedback 5.1 Debrief #1 5.2 Debrief #2 6. Organizational Focus 6.1 Defining Work Orientation 6.2 Career Families 6.3 Optimal Work Environments  
  2. The program will take place in 10-12 December 2017   

Three Online -Webinars Sessions Objectives:     

Webinar One “Business Relation, Birkman System & Reports”: 

  • Objective:Understanding the relationship between the consultants and the company (Trainings, process & pricing) + Understanding how to use Birkman systems (Personal Information, Resources, Reports)


Webinar Two “Personal Branding & Marketing”:    

  • Objective:How The Birkman Method® helps you determine your personal brand. How personal branding helps you stand out from others. Some simple steps to develop your own personal brand. Marketing your brand to connect more deeply with current and prospective clients and achieve your business objectives.



Webinar Three “Using Birkman for College Major Choices”:    

Objective: The Birkman Method can be used with high school or early college students to assist with exploring various college majors available to them. Birkman helps guide their choices based not only on their interests but also using their personality style. This session will provide practical methods for advising these young adults.

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